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Any business can have a week of success, or one big sale. The businesses that last are the ones that have the perspective to know where success comes from, and how to sustain it.

Lushin's training can help your business find that perspective. We help bring clarity and purpose to your sales behaviors to help your business reach its full potential. By combining the power of Sandler Training for our sales training component with our own unique methods and personality, we've shown purpose and perspective to businesses in Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, and across the Midwest, as well as nationwide. Don't just grow by accident. Grow with purpose.

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Controlling Price

If your sales team's client list is stagnant and they aren't able to bring in new clients, it may be because of a problem in the prospecting...

Mapping out your sales team's current sales process can tell you a lot about where you're going wrong in your current system. It can also show you...

Your sales team can't see prospecting as an insurmountable obstacle. Their attitude and behavior must be aligned in such a way as to continue...

How To Manage: Your Sales Pipeline


"Rarely do you find an organization that delivers on their promises. Lushin delivers."

- Matthew B. Hartman, P.E.
  Business Development Manager, Outbound 

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