Case Study

“I was at an impasse and had to try something.”

Dave Bunn | Owner, Experience Travel

The Problem

Experience Travel’s owner faced a bloated pipeline.

Dave Bunn was spending too much time chasing unqualified leads, and he wasn’t saying “no” to those that were a poor fit for his services. He realized he needed a way to generate better prospects, a system for weeding out those that were unlikely to convert to customers, and someone to keep him on task with beneficial behaviors that drove new business.

More than anything, Dave needed tools and training to become more objective in his approach to sales. He wanted to improve his ability to make better decisions based on facts and a well-reasoned evaluation of each sales situation.

How We Helped

Our team acted as a sounding board for Dave, which allowed him to better qualify his prospects and clean up his pipeline.

Lushin’s consultants facilitated dedicated goal-setting sessions focused on establishing weekly and yearly targets to measure both personal and business success. We taught Dave how to qualify leads early in the sales process and established a system for setting expectations and timelines with promising prospects.

By working through real-life scenarios, Lushin enabled Dave to recognize common or challenging situations and helped him develop systematic ways to handle them.

The Results

Since he started working with Lushin, Dave has improved sales cycle efficiency by learning to spot low-probability prospects more quickly. Experience Travel’s business is up, with a cleaner pipeline and more qualified leads. Dave has developed productive sales habits, and he now has an ally to keep him accountable for achieving his goals. All of this has freed up valuable time for other professional and personal opportunities.

10-15% YoY Sales Increase

Experience Travel expects to see a 10 - 15% increase in sales year over year by the fall of 2016

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