For your Life to Regain Balance

Success shouldn’t come at the cost of personal freedom. With Lushin, you don’t have to go it alone.

Show Me How It Works

Prior to Lushin training, Justin Brown and the Skender Construction team didn’t have a defined sales process or a company culture that supported high-performance practices.

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Before hiring Lushin, Perfecto recognized an opportunity for their team of engineers to improve their soft skills and develop a system for reaching potential customers.

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House of Blues’ Tilley Fine hired Lushin because her team needed tools, training, and confidence to handle difficult situations.

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For Your Business to Succeed

Greatness isn’t a coincidence. It’s a choice. And when you choose Lushin, it’s within reach.

Show Me The Results

"Once I had the plan and skills, I knew … how to handle nearly every type of person and situation."

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"Lushin will help you learn how to sell smarter. It's possible to get your evenings and weekends back."

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"We've been very pleased with [Lushin's] service, and I wouldn't go anywhere else."

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"Lushin has given my team countless tools."

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How We Help


Running your business and bringing in new clients requires more than luck. We can keep your skills sharp so your business keeps growing.


It's critical to have the right people doing the right job and keeping them motivated. Let us help you get your staff operating at peak performance.


Growing your business means knowing where you're going. Let us help you find the right clients, grow your current accounts, and get your team aligned.


Is your business designed to help you grow? We can help you get your processes aligned so you can keep operating smoothly and prepare you for growth.

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